About Our Funeral Directors in Sittingbourne

"As quickly as the sun sets, it rises again"

We, at Waterman’s Funerals, are independent family funeral directors that offer sincerely thoughtful and high-quality funeral services with your needs in mind. United by the departure of our loved ones and disappointed by other Kent funeral parlours, we work to provide the community with what we believe every mourning family deserves: compassionate funeral planning with attention to detail. We want to help families and individuals mourn their loved ones and honour their lifetime and memories.


Funeral Planning and Packages

We are committed to planning all aspects of the funeral with utmost attention to your personal requests, so you can receive the experience that helps you celebrate your loved one’s life the best. This is why our funeral parlour in Kent provides you with three different packages for you to choose from, depending on your budget and preferences – the bronze, silver and gold packages. Having said this, regardless of the package you choose, we can be involved in the proceedings just as much as you’d like us to.

We understand how sensitive this time is for you, making it our sincerest wish to meet all your needs accordingly. If you’re not sure which package is best suited for you, just reach out to us and we’ll find out together what the best course of action may be. Additionally, we understand how dear pets can be to you, so they will be openly welcome to provide company and comfort during your visits.

With long-standing experience as funeral directors in Kent, we appreciate and understand just how much it means for you to entrust us with your loved ones – this is precisely why we have created an open-door policy that we abide by at all times. This means you can visit us at any time, our doors will always be open for you, making transparency one of our top priorities.

By choosing our Kent funeral services, you’ll work closely with dedicated and thoughtful funeral directors that will do everything in their powers in order to ensure your loved one is honoured and respected.

Contact Us, call us directly on 01795 515570, or send an email to info@watermansfunerals.co.uk to arrange our initial meeting.